Meet Taylor

Taylor Young

Doctoral MFT Intern 

Taylor Young


Our lives consist of different stories vying for our focus. Amongst these different stories, we often forget that we can choose the one that fits our identities, beliefs, and values. This choosing allows us the ability to live as our best selves. Therapy is a space where you can create this story and work through the dynamics of living your best life. This is where I hope I can be a helping hand and walk alongside you. In this process, I will be using therapy techniques from Narrative Therapy, Logotherapy, and Medical Family Therapy to help in the exploration of your Biopsychosocial-Spiritual health. Through this Biopsychosocial-Spiritual lens, we can explore your health in a holistic manner and create your chosen story and your best life. 


Currently, Taylor is pursuing his phD in Medical Family Therapy at East Carolina University. He hopes to use this degree to aid his development of therapy skills, especially regarding medical issues like chronic pain and cancer.


An exciting project that Taylor is currently a part of is the creation of and sustainability of an affirming primary care clinic for the LGBTQIA community in Greenville, NC. Through this clinic, Taylor partners with multiple medical doctors to provide Biopsychosocial-Spiritual care for LGBTQIA clients of all ages. He provides therapy services in the form of integrated-care, traditional therapy sessions, and group therapy. 


Some of Taylor's past projects have explored the concept of burnout (a state of emotional, physical, and mental exhaustion) in correlation with ministers and non-profit organizations. He has been able to use this information at conferences and trainings for those that are in the helping professions. Along with a team of writers, Taylor is composing a burnout manual - specifically for ministers - and it will be available in the next year.


When Taylor is not serving our clients or doing schoolwork, he can be found reading, hiking, running, spending time with family, or thinking about a new restaurant he is going to try! 


Taylor serves clients in Tennessee and North Carolina.