Group Therapy

People need people – for initial and for continued survival, for socialization, for the pursuit of satisfaction. No one – not the dying, not the outcast, not the mighty – transcends the need for human contact.

- Irvin Yalom


Group works. In studies comparing group psychotherapy to individual therapy, group therapy has been shown to be as effective and sometimes even more effective than individual counseling.

  • Groups offer a supportive and compassionate space that serves as a sounding board and place to heal relationally
  • Group security, trust, and confidentiality are of utmost importance, creating a space that is safe for self-reflection and self-growth.
  • Groups promote self-growth
  • Groups foster creativity for problem solving
  • Groups provide effective accountability for growth and change
  • Groups provide perspective for your own struggles in a way that people who know you personally and closely cannot
  • The diversity of a group offers a unique benefit through the different backgrounds, personalities, and experiences of each member

Dr. Stone has been working with families, couples, and individuals as a marriage and family therapist for almost 20 years and uses groups to create a healing space towards growth and recovery for a variety of issues. Current group offerings are listed below. For all new group participants who are not also an individual client at Unstuck a 50-minute initial assessment session is required. All group members are expected to maintain confidentiality of what is shared in the group.


Unstuck offers several different types of groups throughout the year. Check here for current group therapy offerings.


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We learn "coping" skills as children in order to survive painful situations. Sometimes those painful situations include having parents who were not emotionally available.   Unfortunately, those same skills you learned to survive as a child often become harmful to your wellbeing as an adult. You deserve to heal. You deserve to grow. You can choose to lean into spaces where you can develop a new way of relating to yourself, to others, and to your parents. Perhaps due to mental illness, physical illness, their own trauma, substance abuse, or other reasons your parent or parents could not..and cannot... be responsive to you emotionally. You are not too much. You are not too needy. Join us in a space where you will gain support, encouragement, and practical skills for how to change patterns in your life that are holding you back. This group lasts 8 weeks and is $50 per week. THIS GROUP IS ALSO OFFERED AT A SEPARATE TIME FOR THERAPISTS ONLY. Please inquire with Dr. Stone to learn more.


This group will be offered in 2024 the following times (start date listed):



6/4 - 7/30









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Navigating religious hurt can be an incredibly painful and isolating journey. Religious hurt here is defined as an experience of disillusionment, confusion, self doubt/hatred and/or community shunning/disengagement that has caused personal and relational hurt and/or stunted developmental growth. The journey often involves grief work over losing a community and sense of belonging due to misaligned behavior and/or changing religious beliefs. It is often associated with a history of involvement in religious communities marked by fundamentalism. Related issues frequently include issues pertaining to sexuality and purity culture. You do not have to go this journey alone. Reach out for support. Moving forward IS possible. This group is $50 a session and lasts 8 weeks.


This group will be offered in 2024 the following times (start date listed):





You're actually not a mess at all. You're just a feeling person in a messy world. You are exactly right to feel a lot right now. It does not mean you're weak--it means you're strong enough to be paying attention. Be gentle with you, please.

Glennon Doyle


"Too much". "Too serious". "Too many feelings". "Too many needs". 


Do you carry any of these stories about yourself? Have you ever been told that you are "too sensitive"? 


You notice every slight change in facial expressions. You detect subtle shifts in a room’s vibe. Large gatherings of people are exhausting. You pick up on emotional content from people around you with painful accuracy…whether you know them or not. Violent or emotionally charged movies or television content disturbs you with an intensity that others just don’t get.


Textures and tastes are annoyingly obvious. Room temperature is a big deal. When you walk into a room seemingly tiny details beg your attention. Chaos is HARD on you.


Some nervous systems are more sensitive to internal and external stimuli. Their bodies and minds are more sensitive to their environment in ways that makes the person more susceptible to the negative experiences of stress, anxiety, depression, exhaustion and other challenges. The Highly Sensitive Person (HSP) also tends to be creative, intuitive, show high levels of integrity and openness. As with most things in life, every gift has a dark…or challenging…side. Learning to love and lead yourself well is paying attention to your gifts and growing your ability to care deeply for the challenges of those gifts.


If you think you might be a person with greater sensitivity to this big, brutiful (beautiful and brutal) world, having a group experience with other individuals who identify as being Highly Sensitive led by a therapist who identifies as being Highly Sensitive can offer a safe space to feel supported and to start creating new stories: "I am not alone", "I can celebrate and nurture the gifts of being sensitive" and "I can create a world for myself that is good for me".


This group experience will offer a space to explore, understand and cultivate gratitude for your sensitivities along with how to care for them with love, grace, and boundaries.


"[She] is sensitive, and that is her superpower."

- Glennon Doyle



This group will be offered in 2024 FOR THERAPISTS ONLY the following times (start date listed)




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I have come to the conclusion that human beings are born with an innate capacity to triumph over trauma. I believe not only that trauma is curable, but that the healing process can be a catalyst for profound awakening—a portal opening to emotional and genuine spiritual transformation.

Peter A. Levine


Have you ever brushed long hair...your own or someone else's? When you come across a knot in the hair, you can't just yank it out. That would be excruciating. And, you would lose a lot of hair.


You have to carefully work at the knot, strand by strand. 


Trauma, grief, stress, burn out, depression and is never just one strand, is it? It is a knot of things all jammed up together and it can be difficult to know where to begin or what to do. The hopelessness and helplessness can create a sense of powerlessness that makes everything feel harder.


We can't just yank out the knot. We have to carefully work through each strand until there is release. 


In this group we are working through the strands, using expressive work to allow release. 


We will use therapeutic collage work specified for working through trauma, grief, and burn out. We will use research backed writing exercises to facilitate openness and space for healing. 


And, we will do it all in community within the group. 


It absolutely will be awkward at times. It will be challenging. It will require vulnerability. will be a profound and beautiful journey together. 


This group will also include psychoeducation on how trauma, grief, stress, and burnout affect our brains, bodies and relationships.



If you bring forth what is within you, what is within you will save you.

If you do not bring forth what is within you, what is within you will destroy you.

As quoted by Andrew Solomon in Far from the Tree: Parents, Children and the Search for Identity


This group will be offered in 2024 the following times (start date listed)


Wednesdays starting on April 10th at 7:30 PM Central/8:30 PM Eastern


Each session lasts 90 minutes and is for 8 consecutive weeks.

$60 per session, charged weekly.

8 week commitment.



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Your survival response is not a moral failing. An abnormal reaction to an abnormal situation is normal behavior.

Viktro Frankl


No one gets it. NO. ONE.


Unless they have been there, too.


You might find that friends who aren't divorced struggle to offer you space. It is almost as though they wonder if divorce could be catching. Your story represents their greatest fears and suddenly people you have been close to for years no longer feel safe for you. Maybe they change the subject. Maybe they give misguided advice.


Maybe you have friends who are divorced, but they don't have kids. Maybe you have friends who have kids, but they aren't divorced. 


It is as though you have entered another country and the cultural divide is just too big. 


The culture shock is real. 


You need someone completely and unabashedly in your corner. 


In this group you will experience support, gain information on healing after a divorce, explore parenting dynamics common for divorced moms, and, above all, feel seen and heard as you see glimpses of hope.


You are a badass. Let's make room for it to be known in a space that is safe for it to be seen. 



I used to hope that you'd bring me flowers. Now I plant my own. 

Rachel Wolchin


This group will be offered in 2024 the following times (start date listed)


Mondays starting on April 8th at 7:30 PM Central/8:30 PM Eastern


Each session lasts 90 minutes and is for 8 consecutive weeks.

$60 per session, charged weekly.

8 week commitment.




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