Going Outside To heal inside

Using researched practices such as Guided Forest Therapy, EMDR, Parts Work, and Depth Work, 

Going Outside to Heal Inside with Dr. Emily Stone weaves together some of the

most effective modalities to offer a wholistic, gentle, and profound therapeutic experience.

You can read more about these approaches below.

Dr. Emily Stone has been working as a therapist for over 20 years. She is a certified forest therapy guide, trained in EMDR, and has years of experience working with clients through parts work and creative depth work approaches. 


Your therapy, as always, will be personalized to work towards your needs and goals. 


Outdoor therapy can absolutely work on anything you would work on in “normal” indoor therapy similarly as we would in an individual session. 


Dr. Stone also offer specific modalities in the outdoor setting:

guided forest therapy, nature based EMDR, parts and depth work through expressive arts. 


Half day and full day options offer

a tailored experience for

your healing goals. 


Single Session/ 1.5-2 hours

You and Dr. Stone will work together to create your best experience. Typically, this would be a good choice if you can do a series of these sessions over the course of weeks.


These sessions can use these modalities and more traditional approaches:

Guided Forest Therapy

EMDR Resourcing

Depth Work/Parts Work


Investment: $260.00 for 1.5 hours

and $350.00 for 2 hours





Half Day/3 Hours

Guided Forest Therapy

EMDR Resourcing

Depth Work/Parts Work


Investment: $475.00 

plus initial session


Full Day/6 Hours

Guided Forest Therapy

EMDR Resourcing

Depth Work/Parts Work

EMDR Reprocessing

Depth Work/Parts Work


Investment: $950.00

plus initial session


Email info@unstuckgroup.org for more details on Going Outside to Healing Inside.


Half day and full day group experiences for a community therapeutic journey.


Half Day/4 Hours

Guided Forest Therapy

EMDR Resourcing

Depth Work/Parts Work


Investment: $175.00

plus initial session


Full Day/8 Hours

Guided Forest Therapy

EMDR Resourcing

Depth Work/Parts Work

EMDR Reprocessing

Depth Work/Parts Work


Investment: $300.00

plus initial session


Email info@unstuckgroup.org for more details about the next scheduled Going Outside to Heal Inside group experience.


Events just for therapists

that help facilitate breathing space

in the face of burnout

and compassion fatigue. 

Email info@unstuckgroup.org for more details on the next scheduled Going Outside to Heal Inside experience just for therapists. 

Guided Forest Therapy

Shinrin-yoku, which translates to "forest bathing" is a practice developed in Japan in the 1980's. In response to a decline in public health, scientists began to study the effects of being immersed in nature on health. The results were remarkable. Research showed that forest bathing reduces stress, anxiety and depression, improves sleep and boosts immunity, mood, energy and creativity.


Resources/Research on Guided Forest Therapy:











EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing) allows the brain to process stress, anxiety, depression, trauma and much more using the brain's own healing mechanisms. EMDR facilitates the brain's ability to resume its natural healing abilities through the use of bilateral stimulation including eye movements, sounds, or tapping. EMDR can be used to support the strengthening of your own internal resources to promote wellbeing and resilience while combatting burnout and stress.


In Going Outside to Heal Inside, you will experience EMDR through Dr. Stone's intentional and gentle guidance in the midst of other healing and evidence based modalities. You will have an important say in every step of your journey. 


Resources/Research on EMDR:





Parts Work

Parts Work has been around in the field of psychology and therapy for decades through approaches such as IFS (Internal Family Systems), Ego State Work, Gestalt Therapy, Jungian Archetypes, and much more. As complex human beings, not one of us is a flat character in the great novel that is our life. Each of us has many parts of us that shows up depending on who we are talking to, where we are, or what we are doing at any given point in our day. You might hear yourself at times sound like a hurt child, an angry teenager or a busy bee school kid. Or, you might notice times when you are able to access a strong protector who doesn't take BS or a softer part who is playful and sweet. There might be parts of you that you want to hide away.


Parts work helps us get to know ourselves. The more we know ourselves, the better we can love and lead ourselves in a life that is congruent with our values and who we want to be in this world...and in the story we are writing with our life.


In Going Outside to Heal Inside, Dr. Stone will use a variety of exercises to help you get to know YOU...with all the beautiful complexity you bring to your existence and gift to this world.


Resources/Research on Parts Work:







Depth Work

Through the use of art, images, metaphor, story, and relationships, depth work digs into the human experience to excavate meaning and narratives to promote healing. In Going Outside to Heal Inside, you will explore your own identity and personal narrative through creative elements mean to facilitate insight and self-awareness. Using simple and accessible artistic methods, Dr. Stone will seamlessly guide your processing and expression alongside of the work you do with EMDR and Parts (see above).


Resources/Research on Depth Work and Art Based Inquiry














How does payment work for these experiences? 

Payment works in the same way as it does for traditional therapy with one exception. Half payment is made at the time of scheduling in order to reserve your appointment and the remaining payment will be made on the day of your experience. Payment is made through our online portal. 


Where do these experiences take place?

These experiences take place in carefully chosen outdoor locations in the Austin area. 


What happens if it rains or there is bad weather?

In the event that weather interferes with our plans, we will reschedule at the next time that works for both the participant and for the therapist guide. 


Do I need to bring anything?

Your therapist guide will provide most everything you need. If there is anything to be aware of in regards to what to wear or bring, you will be informed well in advance of the day of your experience. 


Is food provided?


Simple, small snacks and water will be provided. For full day experiences, lunch is also provided.