Why Therapy in an Online Format?

Life is about taking chances, trying new things, having fun, making mistakes and learning from it.

– Anonymous


The Internet has brought many gifts (and challenges!) to our lives. One growing trend is therapists and counselors offering counseling services online. Of course, this trend has picked up exponentially since the start of the COVID19 pandemic. The increase in online healthcare offerings due to safety reasons has opened many up to the wonderful possibilities that receiving services virtually has to offer. While before, online services were eyed with skepticism, now service providers and clients alike see the clinical and practical benefit of virtual counseling. Virtual Counseling, E-Therapy, or Online Counseling…whatever you call it… CAN offer the genuine, professional, safe, healing and clinically sound space you want in a counseling experience.


Dr. Stone has almost 20 years of experience in online work through therapy, counseling and teaching. The team at Unstuck provides online counseling and therapy services to individuals living in North Carolina, Tennessee, and Texas.


Why would someone want to use online video counseling?

There are many populations of individuals who benefit from the flexibility of online counseling and therapy:

  • Stay at home mothers working around nap schedules, childcare, and pick up times.
  • Individuals who are home bound due to an illness or disability.
  • Someone who lives in a rural area who is unable to find the right fit in a counselor.
  • College students due to schedules and lifestyle needs.

Additionally, there are specific reasons why a person would choose online video counseling and therapy services.

  • Confidentiality. No one sees you going in or out of an office.
  • Convenience. If you live in a large city you cut down on the time it takes to drive to your appointment. This point of efficiency, among other flexibility, can be helpful for the busy executive or stay at home parent. 


What do you need for a virtual session? You likely already have everything required. You will need private internet (or a hotspot), a smartphone or a computer, and a private, quiet space for the length of the session.


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