Faith Rituals

This is what rituals are for. We do spiritual ceremonies as human beings in order to create a safe resting place for our most complicated feelings of joy or trauma…We all need such places of ritual safekeeping.

- Elizabeth Gilbert


Why rituals? Rituals are a marker that acknowledges and honors the past while embracing hope for the future. Rituals have a way of providing a sacred pause in the midst of an ordinary life. Rituals offer space for our inner worlds and outer worlds to mingle and find congruence. In a world that is often lived in isolation and with distance, rituals bring people together, help us connect, and create a sense of belonging. Rituals lead us in the important and healing work of meaning making and creating purpose. Rituals are rites of passages that help us connect the dots of our lives into a meaningful story. Our spiritual care has experience providing and leading rituals for individuals, couples, and families (both given and chosen). We love walking with individuals in helping them create the story of their lives through meaningful markers of significant life moments...both those traditionally accepted and acknowledged in society and those that are not. This is your story. We will help you find the tools to write it.