Divorce & Family Transition Ceremonies

The wound is the place where the light enters you.

- Rumi


Ah, transitions in families are difficult! They can be full of pain, questions, and a reconfiguration of structure and roles. With every change the challenge and struggle is unavoidable, but so is new life! We live in a world that pathologizes change. We call families “different”, “unconventional” and “broken” if they do not fit a mold that is not even the majority of families in our world…or even in holy scriptures of various faith groups!


Family transitions are tender and holy. There can be a sense of loss. There can be a sense of discovery. There is a notion of things broken being repaired. Likely, everyone involved has a host of emotions…hour by hour. Having an outside professional work with you to create a marker of the change can be a powerfully healing moment in time. Family transition ceremonies can offer a ritual that honors the past and looks with hope to the future. Our pastoral professionals can offer a nonjudgmental, loving space for all involved.


Why rituals? Rituals are a marker that acknowledges and honors the past while embracing hope for the future. Rituals have a way of providing a sacred pause in the midst of an ordinary life. Rituals offer space for our inner worlds and outer worlds to mingle and find congruence. In a world that is often lived in isolation and with distance, rituals bring people together, help us connect, and create a sense of belonging. Rituals lead us in the important and healing work of meaning making and creating purpose. Rituals are rites of passages that help us connect the threads of our lives into a meaningful tapestry and story. Rituals tell the story of our lives.