Dating and Relationship Counseling

Relationships are people growing machines.

- Virginia Satir


Relationships endure complex situations in a complex world. Dating was already tricky (and often painful!) enough without adding a global pandemic to the mix! Couples are navigating things at an intensity never endured before. Political differences. Childcare while juggling careers at home. Evolving faith systems. New beliefs. Challenged values. Distance from family. Uncomfortable proximity to family.  


A highly trained couples and relationship therapist can be an enormous help in building, rebuilding and strengthening your love…love experienced through communication, behaviors and a felt sense of connection. There are specific theoretical approaches based on years of research that you can access through a well-trained clinician. Don’t skimp on your investment in the one part of your life that will influence your sense of well-being in every other area of your life.


When you choose a couples therapist at Unstuck you will be approached with the greatest respect and compassion for all that life brings to challenge relationships. First, your therapist will take an intentional and structured approach to understand the context and history of your struggles. Through an understanding of the relationship history for both partners, your therapist will work to create a safe space where healing and growth can take place.


Stress has a way of being a pressure cooker for relationships. Issues that have not been addressed seem to “rise to the top” during these times for couples. It could be stress from a major life transition, financial struggles and disagreements, sickness or death of a member of the family, an affair, or intense job situations. You might find yourselves isolating from one another, turning towards alcohol, television, friends, or activities more than you are turning towards your partner. This turning away could be from unresolved hurt and fear of conflict where you know you will end up saying the same thing over and over and over again. Maybe you find that there is little joy or pleasure found in your relationship so you are shutting down…becoming apathetic. Why bother?


Virginia Satir, an early figure in the field of relationship therapy, said: “Relationships are people growing machines.” Your relationship WILL push you to grow both as an individual and as a couple. Stress and conflict are often a sign that growth is on the horizon. We promise that it will be hard work and we promise it will not be easy. We also promise that we can help you experience the joy of leaning into and fully realizing the growth that can only happen in a place of discomfort.


There is hope…so, so much hope. No matter what is ahead. 


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