Healing doesn’t mean the damage never existed. It means the damage no longer controls our lives.

- Anonymous


Spirituality often is seen as a taboo topic in the world of therapy and counseling. In our professional experiences at Unstuck, it is imperative that spirituality, if the client chooses, be welcomed into the therapy room…whatever that spirituality looks like for YOU. Research shows that spirituality and religion is an important part of a person’s life. At Unstuck we are intentional about making space for deconstruction...and reconstruction work around spirituality. 


A person’s spiritual journey and religious formation is a tender topic. Whether or not spirituality is addressed in therapy, it influences so much of our thoughts, emotions, and relationships…not to mention every area of our health and wellbeing. Counseling that addresses religious questioning and sometimes religious trauma including something sometimes called Deconstruction Therapy or Deconstruction Counseling is a sacred space that deserves great care and respect. 


For some people, it isn’t that there is spiritual or religious trauma in their past, it is that they find themselves at a juncture of religious proportions. Perhaps, there are questions, doubt… a wrestling with the many complicated issues our world is facing at this time. Doubt and questions pertaining to faith can be scary and painful. Sometimes this is referred to as deconstruction and calls for deconstruction therapy. AND, not only are they NORMAL parts of our development…they are vital parts of our growth. Questions are a sign that you are thinking and doing deep, deep soul work. Although it may feel like it, you are NOT going backwards…you are growing forwards.


Sometimes spirituality and religion is experienced as a source of pain. Sometimes spirituality and religion is experienced as a source of support. More often, it is experienced as both. Clinicians at Unstuck are not afraid of these conversations. They are trained and uniquely experienced in providing therapy that considers spirituality and religious formation, trauma and support.


Whatever your story, know that it matters. Your experiences with spirituality and religion affect so much of your life. It can be scary to talk about sensitive topics such as deconstruction and religious trauma with just anyone. Dr. Stone is specially trained and experienced to provide a safe place to do this work.


Dr. Stone has an extensive background as a therapist who works with areas of spirituality. She has taught, trained, and been an invited speaker on the topic of therapy and spirituality for over 20 years.




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