House Blessing Ceremonies

Home is where our story begins.

- Anonymous


Did you just move? Did you just blend families into one home? Whatever your situation, the ritual of a house blessing is a meaningful way to honor and celebrate the life that will take place within the walls of your home. Your home is your refuge and where relationships will be tended, dreams will be born, struggles will be engaged, disagreements will be fought, and love will win. Inviting a professional pastoral presence to lead you through a ritualistic honoring of that space will be a gift that will be sensed for years to come.


Why rituals? Rituals are a marker that acknowledges and honors the past while embracing hope for the future. Rituals have a way of providing a sacred pause in the midst of an ordinary life. Rituals offer space for our inner worlds and outer worlds to mingle and find congruence. In a world that is often lived in isolation and with distance, rituals bring people together, help us connect, and create a sense of belonging. Rituals lead us in the important and healing work of meaning making and creating purpose. Rituals are rites of passages that help us connect the threads of our lives into a meaningful tapestry and story. Rituals tell the story of our lives.