Owning our story can be hard, but not nearly as difficult as spending our lives running from it.

- Brené Brown


Issues around sexuality bring up so many different thoughts, emotions and reactions. We all have a story around our sexuality. That story influences our way of being in this world. Therapy that is respectful, curious, and open to hearing all that is part of your story of sexuality is a gift to your journey. We believe that there is JOY to be found in this story. There is WONDER and LIFE to be experienced in this journey. Therapists and counselors with experience and dedication to approach your journey around sexuality as the precious gift to this world that it is will help you turn towards your story of sexuality to discover that joy, wonder, and life.


Our sexuality is an important part of our selfhood. Injuries to this part of our being ripple out to affect other parts our life, too. We carry our sexuality with us at all times. It is an ever-present part of our journey. So is the pain that comes with sexual trauma.


Sometimes it is an issue of identity. Maybe you are questioning your sexual identity. Maybe you aren’t questioning your identity as much as wrestling with how to reconcile your identity with other parts of your life. Perhaps your identity is a source of trauma and pain in relationships with others.


Sometimes it is an issue of abuse. Maybe you experienced sexual abuse as a child or teenager and it is affecting your current relationships.

These are incredibly painful and tender topics. Your voice matters. Your story matters.


Whatever your concerns around your sexuality are, Dr. Stone offers a sensitivity and expertise to this topic that can offer space for you take steps to discovering your own unique way on your healing journey.


This story is yours. YOURS. We can help you in the journey of writing it.


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