The loneliness of the expatriate is of an odd and complicated kind, for it is inseparable from the feeling of being free, of having escaped.

- Adam Gopnik


In 2016 the State Department estimated that over 9 million Americans were living outside of the United States. Even more individuals who at one time were Expatriates, or Expats, have returned to reside in the United States. Expats have an incredibly unique life experiences. Children raised in an Expat context gain challenges and gifts. Sometimes called Third Culture Kids, Expat kids are never really sure what or where home is. When they grow up and return “home” for college or to live as an adult, Expat kids may never feel completely comfortable in their “culture of origin”. On the other hand, for various reasons, Expat kids may not be able to return to the culture that is considered “foreign”, but feels most familiar.


People become Expats for many reasons. Expats might work outside the States for a company who has moved them for an assignment. Perhaps, Expats are living abroad for school or for religious or nonprofit work. Once you come back to the United States, the Expat experience stays with you forever. Once an Expat, always an Expat.


You might be living outside the United States as an Expat and need therapy or counseling services, but are in a country where therapists or counselors who speak English are not easily found. Or, maybe you are in the United States and are struggling to find a therapist with experience working with the Expat community. You need someone who will GET you and have some sort of idea about what this life as an Expat looks and feels like. Dr. Stone has lived as an Expat, was raised by someone who spent time as an Expat, and has experience working with clients who are Expats. 


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