Spiritual care & Coaching

At the heart of creativity is diversity. Diversity is at the core of the universe and is its art form. We need to embrace and appreciate the differences in places and people…As we challenge the conformity that leads to boredom and burnout, the door opens to joy, inspiration, and healing. 

- James Colon


Spirituality can be a topic that is sometimes avoided. It can feel tricky. What does the word “spiritual” even mean? Every individual has their own story and journey around spirituality. We are in a time of transition when it comes to formalized religion. Many people find themselves without a faith community “home base”. The political and cultural climate has made it challenging to trust and feel at home in old religious structures. You might be in between churches from moving to a new city. Or, perhaps you have been hurt by church communities over and over again and are hesitant to get involved with a new one just yet.


Our spiritual care team offers services that will offer you a sense of nurturing, safety, and healing around issues of spirituality. You will be respected and HEARD. Whether you need a time of spiritual care coaching or someone to oversee a ritual for your family, the Unstuck Spiritual Care Team will journey alongside of you…never too far in front or too far behind. We want to be WITH you and be a witness to your precious, unique, beautiful and creative life. There is room here for you. Come and see.


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