Who are we?

We are a group of professional therapists and counselors as well as spiritual care coaches who seek to provide genuine, confidential, safe, and healing space for anyone who feels stuck in life. We focus on individuals and couples working through relationship struggles, symptoms of depression or anxiety, navigating life transitions, coming out, dealing with family dynamics, spiritual questioning, or anything that makes them feel stuck or trapped in their current circumstances.

THERAPY & Counseling

We might be a little biased, but we think just about everyone benefits from therapy at some point. We commit to maintaining our health with annual physicals and dental check-ups. We even make sure our car gets an oil change. In the midst of uncertain times, ongoing transitions, and personal challenges, our mental, emotional and relational well being calls for care, too. We are here to journey with you. 


At Unstuck we are committed to lifelong learning and growth. At Unstuck we believe we have never "arrived". There is always room for our hearts, minds, and souls to expand, always new adventures to take, always new things to learn. We also believe all of these things happen best in community. We are sojourner with colleagues, co-travelers in growth. Join us.


Spirituality can feel like such a land mine for so many. It is a tender place where we often find hurt and hope. Whether you need assistance in creating a ritual to mark a life moment or some time to check in with a spiritual guide, our spiritual care coaches will come alongside of you as someone who GETS it. 


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