I’m still learning to love the parts of myself that no one claps for.

- Rudolph Francisco


Life can wear you down. Sometimes it feels like it wears us down into a pit. It can feel like you are deep inside a dark cave. That cave of darkness can feel so very lonely…hopeless even. A person…a family member, a friend, a clinician…can stand outside of the cave of depression and yell ideas to you all day long. “Come on out! It isn’t dark out here! We promise!”. Someone who is experiencing depression cannot hear anything that is being yell from the outside of the cave. They just hear mumbles of judgment or harsh sounding platitudes. The ideas are barely decipherable.


The suggestions do not make sense. Don’t they know you would run out of the cave if you could? Depression doesn’t work that way.

What you need is someone who will walk down into the cave of depression and sit with you first. NOTHING can budge…no work towards getting unstuck can happen…until someone sits in the darkness of depression with you first. THEN and only then can you together talk about how to walk out together.


People often wonder if depression is biological, relational, spiritual, mental, emotional…or any number of causes. The answer? YES. Depression is all of these things and it is incredibly difficult to know what came or comes first in terms of cause or treatment.


The good news? Figuring out what came first…the chicken or the egg…is not necessary. We are going to look at it all. You can talk to your physician about medication and we will explore together…in that cave…all that might be going on with you mentally, relationally, emotionally, and spiritually that could be contributing to your symptoms of depression. We will explore and try out strategies for identifying, restructuring, and healing wounds and unhealthy patterns of thinking and relating that sometimes contribute to symptoms of depression.


Depression is often a way that your body, mind and heart yells out for help. It signifies that SOMETHING needs attention…SOMETHING needs to change…SOMETHING needs to heal.


Let’s do it. Let’s sit in the cave together and find our way out. There IS hope for coming out of depression. Things CAN be better. 


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