Spiritual Care Coaching

Those who are ashamed need help the most…and are the least likely to ask for it.

- Trixie from Call the Midwife



We are in a time of transition when it comes to formalized religion. Many people find themselves without a faith community “home base”. The political and cultural climate has made it challenging to trust and feel at home in old religious structures. You might be in between churches from moving to a new city. Or, perhaps you have been hurt by church communities over and over again and are hesitant to get involved with a new one just yet. You still long for some pastoral guidance in any number of areas of your life. You don’t want therapy and you don’t want coaching. You just want a pastor. Our spiritual care team offers short term spiritual care coaching as well as spiritual direction. You can meet for one, two, three or up to six times to talk through any topic of spiritual concern that you might have. Doubt. Family conflict. Confusion. Grief. Life transitions. Looking for meaning in life. You don’t have to miss out on having spiritual witness, presence and guidance just because you aren’t currently a member of a specific faith body.


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