What I caN Expect

Think of your head as an unsafe neighborhood; don't go there alone.  

- Augusten Burroughs


When we are in a state of uncertainty and feeling overwhelmed one of the most comforting things for us is to know specifics: who, what, when, where. We can’t answer all of the questions to what you can expect because a big part of this journey is up to you and what you bring to it. Here is what we CAN tell you.


Who? After you submit your email on “Your First Step to Make an Appointment” someone from our team (perhaps Dr. Stone herself) will get back to you within 24 hours on options for who on either the Therapist Team or Spiritual Care Team (depending on your expressed needs) could be a good fit for you. If it seems like no one at Unstuck will be a good fit for you, we will let you know and offer ideas on where to go next. As a reminder, our Spiritual Care Team does NOT provide mental health therapy services. 


What? What your therapy and/or spiritual care will look like will be a collaborative decision between you and your therapist or spiritual/pastoral coach. Each provider has a different style and approach to their work. We encourage you to ask questions and be a proactive part of that process. Research says that therapy works best when the client is an active participant.


When? The time and day of your therapy appointment or your spiritual coaching session will depend on your schedule and the schedule and availability of your provider. Our initial response to you will include information on that availability.


Where? All therapy services are provided virtually. We use a HIPAA compliant platform that has regulated confidentiality standards and is very easy to use. You will just need a computer or phone. Spiritual and pastoral coaching will also take place online through a confidential, easy to use platform. On your end you will need private internet (or a hotspot), a smartphone or a computer, and a private, quiet space for the length of the session. The location of rituals will be decided and coordinated between you and your pastoral/spiritual coach.


Ready to make an appointment? Need to ask us a question? Click on the links below and we will get back to you within 24 hours.