Training & Supervision

As diverse cultures come together and different ways of thinking clash, there's stress, tension. Because of this there's more capacity for the visionary to come forth and take the front of the world stage. 

- Joseph Rael


It has been said that “a good therapist is a self-aware therapist”. We all have blind spots, biases, and places where we need to grow. It is a journey of thrilling, never ending possibilities. We grow in community and in solitude. We need both. Being a therapist is an incredibly isolating profession. We can spend all day alone in our work seeing clients and never interact with other clinicians…unless we are intentional in our engagement. Where are you being sharpened by the processing, questions and insights of your colleagues?


At Unstuck we offer varying and ever-changing opportunities for this kind of engagement. We are always creating and trying new things and love experimenting with new ways therapists and other care givers can learn, grow and be there for each other. Come back and check out our offerings or sign up for our newsletter to be one of the first to hear about what we are cooking up next.