Can you remember who you were, before the world told you who you should be?

- Danielle LaPorte


Anxiety is a common complaint of people presenting for counseling. It can be circumstantial due to stressful situations a person encounters in daily life. Sometimes it is residual effects from a difficult season or an incredibly painful experience. Our nervous system can be left frayed and unregulated after a traumatic event such as divorce, and abusive relationship, parenting, financial hardship, losing a job, a life transition, having a baby, sending a child to college, or any number of “normal” or “abnormal” life events. Sometimes it is a biological issue. Often referred to as “trait anxiety”, this is when a person tends to carry a certain level of what clients have called “body buzzing” or ongoing “edginess”.


Sometimes a person’s family system’s structure has fostered a level of anxiety so long it is difficult to recognize the difference between trait anxiety (biological) and “state” anxiety (anxious reaction to circumstances or a specific event) without the help of an outside professional.


Clinicians at Unstuck are highly experienced and trained in providing treatment and guidance to help you soothe the frayed nervous system. You will gain insights on how to restructure family boundaries to help repair and heal anxious systems. Moreover, you will encounter a professional that is warm, nonjudgmental, and respectful of you and the beautiful, complicated thing that every life is. Therapy and counseling for anxiety with a trauma-informed, quality, experienced therapist is itself a healing experience.

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