Meet Emily

Emily Hoffman

Therapist Associate

Emily Hoffman


We all have our own experiences and life circumstances. We also have our own stories about what our experiences mean about ourselves and our lives. These stories can help protect us and help us safely navigate our world. They can also make us feel trapped, stuck, and like we aren’t in control. Like we are not the writers of our own stories. While we cannot go back and change our past experiences we can re(story) and reclaim what our experiences say about ourselves or the world around us.



Counseling is a safe place to unpack your story together and determine the tools to assist you in re-authoring your story. I feel honored everyday that people trust me in their journey as they learn to live in authenticity, growth, and freedom. If you are feeling curious about exploring parts of your story, I am here to listen and explore alongside you. 


Emily works with the following presenting issues and populations: anxiety, depression, dating/relationships, families, sexuality, spirituality, personal growth, life transitions and the LGBTQ+ community.


Emily serves clients living in Tennessee.