Meet Camille

Camille Omnes

Graduate Student Therapist

Camille Omnes, Graduate Student Therapist


I am passionate about helping individuals, couples, and families navigate the complexities of their relationships and achieve healthy, fulfilling lives. I am dedicated to continuously learning and growing to provide the best possible care to my clients. 


I completed my Bachelor's degree in Psychology and Aging Studies from the University of Indianapolis, where I gained a solid foundation in understanding human behavior and the unique dynamics of families and relationships. This academic background - and my deep interest in promoting positive mental health and well-being - led me to pursue a Master's degree in Marriage and Family Therapy at Capella University.


Throughout my educational journey, I have developed a strong appreciation for the importance of empathy, cultural sensitivity, and collaboration in therapy. I believe that a safe and non-judgmental environment is essential for fostering personal growth and facilitating meaningful change within individuals and their relationships. I am committed to providing a warm, accepting, and inclusive therapeutic space where clients can explore their thoughts, emotions, and experiences at their own pace.


Guided by the principles of systemic therapy, I value a collaborative approach where all individuals are encouraged to actively participate in the therapeutic process. I strive to create a warm and empathetic environment that fosters trust and openness, allowing clients to explore underlying patterns and dynamics that may be influencing their current struggles.


I believe that therapy is a transformative process, and I am honored to walk alongside individuals, couples, and families as they navigate their unique journeys of growth and healing. I look forward to supporting you in your efforts to overcome challenges, develop meaningful connections, and create a more fulfilling life. 


Camille serves clients living in Texas and Tennessee.