5 Self-Care Tips for HSP's (Highly Sensitive Persons)

For an HSP (Highly Sensitive Person) things can feel like "too much" very quickly. Self-care is the only way thrive. Here are just a few ideas on how to give that to yourself.


First, over all it is about being your own nurturing parent... to be your own good mom or dad. Think of how you can be a good parent to yourself...nurturing, with boundaries, caring, intentional, giving yourself a good schedule. Put yourself to bed like a good parent. A good parent knows their child and parents accordingly. Sometimes that means letting yourself stay in bed...sometimes that means telling yourself...ok, time to go out and get some sunshine. 
Within this idea of being a good parent to yourself, here are 5 self-care tips specifically for HSP's.
1. Routine and rhythms. Routine is your friend! Life rhythms helps your body, mind and emotions know that you are safe. Create routines for mornings and at night. Give yourself small rituals throughout the day (like a break for tea) that gives yourself some grounding.
2. Margins. Make sure there is space in your life. Pay attention to life's tendency to fill up to the brim. If you don't give yourself margins, it won't happen. This goes for margins around stimuli and energy exertion as well. Make space for quiet. Just because you still have energy doesn't mean you should exert it. Recognize that your energy is limited. Protect it.
3. Body care work. This can vary by person and includes intentional care for your senses and your body. Think...warm cups of tea, weighted blankets, mindful walks, deep breathing, meditation. 
4. Emotion Expression. Let yourself know that you are listening and paying attention to yourself by naming your feelings. You can do this through writing exercises, therapy, etc.
5. Communication. Ask for what you need. Seek out relationships where it is safe to express yourself. If you need some quiet, ask for it. If you need to be alone, ask. If those things aren't possible for some reason, it is ok to let people know that it is bothering you and you are struggling.
Sometimes it is easier to said (or written!) than done to follow through on being a good mom or dad to yourself. Sometimes we need accountability and help. A good therapist can help you. Don't feel like you have to do this work alone.